Are You Married to a Front Seat Driver?

In this episode of "Settle This Thing" Tamara and Drew take on the issue of your spouse constantly commenting on your driving. Of course this is annoying, but what if your spouse thinks you aren't driving safely? Now how much should he or she comment? Hmmmm. Voting is closed, but check out the debate.

Marital Musings Mentioned on the Business Insider and Huffington Post

In addition to the new column for LA Family Magazine, Marital Musings has gotten some great mentions recently and been asked to review a marriage book. Thank you for all of the support that has helped Marital Musings grow and reach new readers over the last three years!


The Business Insider: "8 Money Moves That Will Rescue Your Marriage"


The Huffington Post: "Should Married People Have Crushes?"


Book review for "Change Your Life, Not Your Wife" (see below)