"US soldier who massacred 16 Afghans is a married father of two."
"No Cheating, No Dying" by Elizabeth Weil

Black Marriage Day 2012


I want to share some information about this day set aside to celebrate and encourage marriage in the African-American community. No matter what your ethnic background, this is an initiative that everyone should be aware of. The success of Black marriage and Black families is vital to our entire nation.

Black Marriage Day will be celebrated Sunday, March 25, 2012.  It is celebrated annually at locally sponsored events hosted by faith-based and community groups on the fourth Sunday of each March.  Starting with only 30 cities in 2003, marriage activists in hundreds of cities up to the present celebrate Black Marriage Day to highlight the benefits of marriage, pay tribute to successful marriages, and to promote marriage in the Black Community. 

Local government proclamations have recognized Black Marriage Day as promoting the strong families needed to build and maintain safe and healthy communities. 

More than 300 local sponsors plan to celebrate Black Marriage Day 2012 Sunday, March 25, 2012, with the theme: “It Takes Two.” 

Black Marriage Day is sponsored by the Wedded Bliss Foundation, Inc. Wedded Bliss Foundation Executive Director, Nisa Muhammad, created the national initiative to create cultural change in the Black community to reconsider marriage.  The Black community has the lowest rates of marriage and needs a specific effort to help reduce out of wedlock childbirths and reduce divorce. (from Black Marriage Day - the official website)


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