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Sex After Marriage


Yes, it's true. Sex changes after marriage. The problem is many people scapegoat the institution itself as if there is something inherently sexless about marriage. What they fail to focus on is the other sex reducing factors that are usually associated with long term marriage such as having children, getting older and an overall increase in responsibilities.

Fortunately a decline in frequency does not necessarily have to lead to a decrease in overall satisfaction. Over time many married couples experience an increase in the quality of their sex lives. Greater trust and comfort often allows couples to break down sexual barriers they may have had while dating. Some couples attribute a higher level of satisfaction to having a partner who has had the time to learn their likes and dislikes.  

If you are concerned about a decline in frequency it may help to focus on quality. If your sexual experiences are particularly satisfying it's reasonable to conclude you will want to have sex more often. On the other hand, if there is too much emphasis on quantity the pressure could actually lead to having less sex.